About me

I'm Théo Rozier, a work-study student at Ensimag and working at HPE in High Performance Computing. I develop mainly in Rust, Python, Java, C and C++, but sometimes I do some Web or OpenGL stuff.

I also play games such as Minecraft for which I developed too many useless add-ons. But this helped me a lot to progress through the programming world.

You can find many of my free-time and open-source projects on my Github profile.

You can contact me at contact [at] theorozier [dot] fr, or directly via my LinkedIn profile. I'm also present on Mastodon.


PortableMC — CLI launcher for Minecraft made in Python, I consider it production-ready and is my most popular project. Featured on Fabric website, one of the most popular mod loader.

Web Streamer — A Minecraft mod targeting the Fabric mod-loader, it allows displaying web resources on in-game screens, supporting static images, HLS streaming, including Twitch. This involves ffmpeg, OpenGL and OpenAL bindings.

MC173 — Implementation of Minecraft beta 1.7.3 server in Rust, this version is simple enough for the project to be realistic. I used various tricks around Rust ownership and borrow-checking in order to make a working and performant game loop, without any Entity Component System.

WG Toolkit — Rust toolkit crate providing various codecs related to the Core/BigWorld engine, notably used by World of Tanks. Including a partial implementation of the network protocol that I reverse engineered by disassembling and injecting DLL at runtime, I consider it to be the best software I've written so far.

Embedded Rust Experiment — Rust embedded repository for RISC-V architecture on the Ox64 single board computer powered by a BL808 SoC. I'm trying to develop a Rust port of the official SDK, and also trying to have a RPi Camera working through CSI.

RETK — Still WIP and for fun. Reverse Engineering Toolkit written in Rust. Aims to experiment decompilation to pseudo code with automatic structure type reconstruction.


Projet Système de l'Ensimag (french) — Le projet kernel de l'Ensimag consiste en la programmation d'un kernel x86 (32 bits) single-core. Cette page propose une liste d'article concernant des concepts précis.


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